It has been my honor to serve the people of the 18th District for the last 10 years. As a lifelong Clark County resident, I am very familiar with the issues our communities face daily and I’ve worked hard to be your advocate. Your feedback has helped me focus my legislative priorities.

Although I’ve decided to retire from the state House of Representatives, it’s my strong desire to see the Legislature encourage job growth by giving employers certainty and stability through responsible state budgeting, as well as provide workers with more opportunities for growth. That’s why I continue to believe that we must:

  • Find creative solutions for funding, while protecting hardworking taxpayers;
  • Work to maintain affordable energy;
  • Prioritize public safety;
  • Defend individuals’ rights to own property; and
  • Preserve services for our state’s most vulnerable populations.

Meeting the challenges we face in our state starts in the halls of our Capitol. I will miss serving the people of the 18th District, but I know that together we have the courage, conviction, and energy needed to find better solutions. We can do it!

Rep. Brandon Vick
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My Priorities

Providing meaningful tax relief

The biggest missed opportunity of the 2022 legislative session was not providing struggling individuals and families with tax relief. While many Washingtonians endure inflation and high gas prices, state tax collections have remained strong. Budget writers had a $15 billion surplus when they created the 2022 supplemental operating budget. Unfortunately, Democrats provided no real tax relief. In contrast, House Republicans proposed a supplemental operating budget framework that included a reduction in the state sales tax and other tax relief that would have lowered costs for consumers.

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Holding state government accountable

The governor, other statewide elected officials, and state agencies should be held accountable for their results. While we have a lot of great state employees, we have seen too many high-profile failures of leadership in state government that have had serious consequences for people’s lives. Our state also needs emergency powers reform to restore balance in state government. While our governor needs the authority to respond quickly to certain emergencies, there needs to be limits and legislative involvement. No one person should have this much control over our lives for this long. Republicans will continue to advocate for emergency powers reform.

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Making public safety a priority

Crime is out of control in many places in our state. Criminals feel emboldened while many people do not feel safe in their communities. Public safety should be a top priority of government. Unfortunately, in the 2021 legislative session, Democrats passed legislation that took important tools away from law enforcement that were used to keep our communities safe. While some of these problems were fixed in the 2022 legislative session, with the support of Republicans, more work remains to be done – especially on the issue of vehicular pursuits. Republicans introduced the Safe Washington Plan, but many of the proposals were ignored by the majority party.

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Rep. Vick Stands up for small businesses in WA

Meet Brandon Vick

Personal: Brandon is a lifelong resident of Clark County and graduated from Hudson’s Bay High School. He married his high school sweetheart, Darci, and together they have a young daughter, Makena. Brandon is the sales and marketing manager for Vick Landscaping, a family owned and operated business founded by...

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