Vick’s bill for local businesses is voted out of committee and makes deadline

Vick's bill for local businesses is voted out of committee and makes deadline

A bill that would help two Clark County high-tech companies bring design, innovation and jobs to the community has passed the House Transportation Committee. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Brandon Vick, would expand the legal definition of an electric personal assistive mobility device (EPAMD). This would allow the Clark County companies to include their products under the EPAMD definition to prevent product uncertainty on sidewalks and side streets.

“During the interim I traveled around the district and talked to people about the legislation they really need,” said Vick, R-Felida. “This isn't a complicated bill, but it was important to these companies and the people who buy what they build. The result of this small change is continued employment and economic growth in our area. This is what our laws should do; and that is help, instead of hamper, small businesses.”

Tomorrow, Feb. 7, is the last day for policy committees to hear bills from their house of origin and the first significant deadline of the session. Only fiscal committees and the Transportation Committee are exempt from this deadline. Vick's bill, House Bill 2404, has moved to the House Rules Committee where it can wait for a vote until Feb. 18.

The 2014 regular session began Jan. 13 and ends March 13, 2014.


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