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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Today is the 52nd day of the 2014 session and the cut-off deadline for bills to be heard in committees in the opposite house has passed. Bills not voted out of committee in the opposite chamber are not likely to continue through the process. I look forward to a busy week with extensive voting on the floor and working into the evening. We have already voted on the supplemental budgets, focusing on funding for our transportation, capital and operational needs. We look forward to working out the budget details with the Senate. For a reminder of how a bill becomes law, click here.

Telephone Town Hall

Thank you to all of the participants in the 18th District telephone town hall on March 3. This was my first time using this media format and I am pleased with the ability to reach so many of you back home. There were more than 900 people actively participating on the call and I was able to take a variety of questions including the legalization and ramifications of marijuana, the CRC and teacher COLAs. If you didn't have a chance to ask your question and would still like the opportunity please contact my office. I always appreciate hearing from you.

Also, during our telephone town hall, three poll questions were voted on by the participants. The poll questions and their results are below:

If you could pick one issue that is most important to you – the one that impacts you the most – what issue would that be?
The top three choices were:
32% jobs and the economy
21% state spending
17% education

How have you been affected by the implementation of Obamacare? The top three choices were:
48% said they are not really affected yet
39% said they are paying more for insurance plan
7% said they are paying less for insurance plan
Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. What do you think are some ways we can try to encourage its growth?
The top three choices were:
37% reduce regulations.
32% create tax exemptions for businesses under a certain size
12% change the requirements for licensing.

Representative Vick's Proposed LegislationThe Washington State House of Representatives convenes for floor debate on pending legislation February 18th (37th Day of the 60-Day 2014 Regular Session).
In my past legislative updates, you read about five bills I sponsored this year. Two bills are still alive at this point in the session, House Bill 2099 and House Bill 2371 are both currently in the Senate and I am hoping both will pass this week.

For the bills which did not make it through this session, I am optimistic they will move through the process in next year's long session and have a good chance at being signed into law.


I would like to extend my congratulations to part Clark Public Utilities who was one of only 50 companies nationally named a J.D. Power Customer Champion. Clark PUD is a customer-owned public utility serving over 184,000 residents in Clark County. Our local folks deserve credit for the great work they do providing for our communities. Clark Public Utilities earned this award from a pool of more than 600 organizations across nine industries.

Contact Me

With the end of session rapidly approaching, I want to remind everyone that our Camas district office will be reopening on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Office Hours will be from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M., Monday through Thursday. You can visit the office at: 532 N.E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 104, Camas, WA 98607. Or, call (360) 210-7070.

My door is always open and I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as your state legislator.


Brandon Vick

State Representative Brandon Vick, 18th Legislative District
465 John L. O'Brien Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(564) 888-2271 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000