Rep. Brandon Vick introduces legislation authorizing access to experimental treatments for patients with advanced illnesses

Terminally ill patients would have access to experimental treatments and investigational medical products under House Bill 2961, introduced by Rep. Brandon Vick.

The legislation deemed “Right To Try” would authorize an eligible patient and his or her physician to request that a manufacturer of an investigational product make it available for treatment. The legislation would require an agreement between the patient, physician and manufacturer.

“People should not have to get government approval to save their own lives,” said Vick, R-Felida. “They should have the ability to work with their doctors and decide what potentially life-saving treatments may benefit them, and what they would be willing to try.”

The “Right to Try” law has passed in 24 states and legislation has been introduced in a number of others.

“More than one million people in our country die from terminal illness every year. Unfortunately, government rules and regulations don't allow access to new treatments and medical products until it is too late,” said Vick. ” We must help those who are gravely ill do what they can to get better or improve their quality of life.”

House Bill 2961 is in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee.


Washington State House Republican Communications