Governor signs Rep. Brandon Vick’s legislation to reduce local sales and use tax changes

Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill today that will be a time- and money-saver for many small businesses in Washington. House Bill 2565, introduced by Rep. Brandon Vick, R-Felida, would change the frequency local sales and use taxes may be changed from four times a year to three.
“For big box stores who have their own accounting departments, changing tax rates may not seem so significant, but for our small mom and pop stores and neighborhood businesses, this change is noteworthy,” said Vick. “Businesses can lose an entire day of operation when the tax rates are changed. This will save our small employers, especially those that operate over multiple jurisdictions, time and money.”

The bill passed both the House and Senate unanimously.

“If you look at the unemployment rates by county, the I-5 corridor is doing much better than the rest of the state. Our small employers is what makes those rural areas and state as a whole successful. Any time we can remove a rule or regulation to benefit them we are improving our business climate,” said Vick.

The bill takes effect June 8, 2016.

The governor signs Rep. Brandon Vick's HB 2565.

PHOTO CAPTION: The governor signs Rep. Brandon Vick's House Bill 2565 into law.


Washington State House Republican Communications