Rep. Brandon Vick applauds court decision quashing city of Seattle income tax

Rep. Brandon Vick praised a King County Superior Court ruling on Wednesday that overturned the city of Seattle's income tax.

“Finally, a court decision we can get excited about. The court was right on target with its decision. It reaffirms the law and the overwhelming opinion of Washington citizens,” said Vick, R-Felida. “I hope this sends a clear message to Seattle politicians that it is time to listen to the will of the voters.”

Earlier this year the Seattle City Council passed an income tax on higher-earners. The ordinance was to start on Jan. 1 and would have levied a 2.25 percent tax on every dollar a Seattle resident earns above $250,000 for individuals, or $500,000 for couples who file joint tax returns.

In May, Vick introduced House Bill 2212 that would prevent local governments from imposing an income tax on an individual's or household's income because the actions of some local governments, including Seattle.

“Personally I feel our state law is clear. However, that obviously wasn't deterring Seattle and others from testing the waters. I felt it necessary to sponsor legislation that would strengthen the 'no local income tax' statute and put an end to the income tax discussion,” said Vick. “I am hopeful this latest court ruling will deter local governments from using the courts to circumvent the legislative process. Voters should have their say at the ballot box on any form of income tax or the local governments can work with the Legislature. In this case the city of Seattle did neither.”

Washington state voters have rejected a statewide income tax seven times since the Washington State Supreme Court overturned Initiative 69 in 1933. The latest being in 2010 when the proposed income tax measure failed in all 39 counties with 64 percent “no” vote.


Washington State House Republican Communications