Rep. Brandon Vick proposes legislation to ease occupational licensing regulations

Rep. Brandon Vick is sponsoring, or co-sponsoring, several bills this session that could help increase job growth in Washington. The bills are aimed at making occupational licensing easier for individuals to pursue their desired careers and get licensed in Washington if required.

“As a legislator, it's my goal to make sure our citizens have the ability to pursue their chosen careers and provide for their upward mobility in society,” said Vick, R-Vancouver. “It's past time that we remove many of the hurdles the state has put in place.”

Vick is sponsoring House Bills 2354, 2355, 2356, and 2477, which are scheduled to be heard Wednesday, Jan. 22 in front of the Consumer Protection and Business Committee (CPBC).

“We have the ability to provide reasonable protections for public health and safety, while making things easier for those Washingtonians who want to purse an occupation that requires a state issued occupational license,” noted Vick.

Additionally, Vick is the number two sponsor of House Bill 2357, which was introduced by Rep. Larry Hoff, R-Vancouver. Both representatives are working together on all five of these bills as they push to ease licensing regulations in the state.

Vick, who is the ranking member of the CPBC, sees the bills as a way to help increase job growth in the state, instead of hindering it. House Bill 2354, for example, would ease regulations for new residents so the process for obtaining professional licenses would be a lot less complicated.

“The state currently has 26 regulatory agencies, and each year these agencies add hundreds, or even thousands, of new rules, policies, and penalties,” said Vick. “These policies and practices are making it extremely difficult for many individuals to pursue their chosen career path, even when they already have the proven skills to perform the job.

“I've heard from far too many people how hard it is to get licensed in Washington,” added Vick. “These bills are designed to force the state to prioritize efficiency and accuracy in getting our friends and neighbors to work.”

Vick hopes these bills will reduce the red tape and bureaucracy, and make moving to, and working in, Washington a much simpler task.

His bills will be heard in the Consumer Protection and Business Committee on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the John L. O'Brien Building, Hearing Room D.

The 2020 session began on Jan. 13 and is scheduled to run for 60 days.


Washington State House Republican Communications