18th District Reps. Brandon Vick and Larry Hoff co-sponsor House Republican tax relief plan

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CONTACT: Kent Livingston, Public Information Officer for Rep. Brandon Vick | 360-786-7031
Nick Jacob, Senior Public Information Officer for Rep. Larry Hoff | 360-786-5097

18th District Reps. Brandon Vick and Larry Hoff co-sponsor House Republican tax relief plan

With last week's state revenue forecast revealing a $2.4 billion budget surplus, House Republican budget lead, Rep. Drew Stokesbary, introduced a bill that would provide $1 billion in tax relief for Washington's working families. Eighteenth District Reps. Brandon Vick and Larry Hoff joined every member of the House Republican Caucus in signing on to the measure. They issued the following statement Monday:

“We have repeatedly discussed the importance of lawmakers respecting the will of the people. Not only have voters expressed their desire for $30 car tabs—including by an overwhelming margin in the 18th District—but they have also repeatedly rejected new taxes when they've been on the ballot. For the majority party to not have a plan to implement $30 car tabs, and for the first bill signed into law by the governor this session to be a tax increase, truly shows how out of touch they are. We are committed, as are our House Republican colleagues, to providing significant tax relief for Washingtonians and working to alleviate the financial burden brought on by the majority's policies. Along with this billion-dollar tax cut, we will continue pushing for a reduction in the state property tax and for a prohibition on local income taxes.”

House Bill 2946 would:

  • Uphold voters' demand for $30 car tabs, while ensuring stable funding for roads and transit.
  • Eliminate the sales tax on prepared food items sold at grocery stores.
  • Eliminate the sales tax on personal necessities like feminine hygiene products, breast pumps, and diapers.

In a news release last week, Stokesbary, R-Auburn, said the following:

“House Republicans are intent on delivering $30 car tabs this session. Unfortunately, the majority party has not shown any willingness to uphold the clear will of the voters. House Bill 2946 provides a path forward to implement $30 car tabs without compromising transportation projects, while also offering meaningful sales tax relief on food and many personal necessities. I'm proud to be united with my House Republican colleagues in working to make life more affordable for all Washingtonians.”

The 2020 session is scheduled to adjourn March 12.


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