Rep. Vick to work on Washington State Business Recovery Legislative Task Force

The governor has appointed Rep. Brandon Vick to a special task force charged with leading the economic recovery effort from the coronavirus (COVID-19) fallout in Washington state.

The Business Recovery Legislative Task Force will work with the governor's office to provide input and recommendations as the effort to restart the state economy moves forward. The governor plans to use this input to engage with the Legislature and to make vital decisions in the state's economic recovery efforts.

“I'm honored to be a part of this task force, and I look forward to helping our state economy get back on track,” said Rep. Vick, R-Vancouver. “So many people and businesses are hurting throughout the state. We have to start getting people back to work. And it's not just the fact that people have lost their jobs. Many of our neighbors are at risk of losing their livelihoods, life savings, and retirement.

“As we continue to lose restaurants and other family-owned businesses, we lose much more than a paycheck. So, it's vital to start getting back to work in a safe and efficient manner. Yes, we must still protect lives, but I'm confident we can do that and save our economy at the same time.”

Since the governor issued his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order March 23, nearly 600,000 people have filed for unemployment in the state. Some economists believe the unemployment rate in Washington will rise to record levels, about 14%, by the end of April.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have also had to shut their doors due to the social distancing measures put in place by the governor. And with people staying home, even the businesses that remain open are feeling the pain, with nearly every industry being hurt by the fallout.

“What we need now is a viable, comprehensive plan to kickstart our economy in a safe way,” said Vick. “Again, we can still focus on health and safety, but we don't have to ignore the economy to do it. I'm ready to work with every member of this task force to create and implement an effective plan that will make a real difference in our economic recovery efforts.”

The governor's office will provide regular updates to the task force on its outreach efforts to the construction industry, including their recommendations, and seek the task force's feedback. The governor will also update the task force regarding its efforts with stakeholders from both industry and labor, and health experts.

“I know we can get Washington back on its feet, but it will take a truly bipartisan, concerted effort to get where we need to be,” added Vick. “Washingtonians are depending on their state lawmakers to lead this effort and we need to provide real relief, especially to the many small businesses our state relies on to keep it moving.”

The Business Recovery Legislative Task Force plans to hold regularly scheduled meetings throughout the COVID-19 recovery process. The first meeting was held Friday, April 17, via teleconference.


Washington State House Republican Communications